Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has opened his election campaign by announcing his party will contest every seat in the UK unless PM Boris Johnson revokes his Brexit deal and agrees to form an electoral alliance.

Farage’s plea was soon rejected by the Conservative Party, who insist they are the only party to guarantee Brexit.

The 12 December general election is being tipped as one of the most unpredictable. With Brexit at the forefront, it’s uncertain how voters will cast their vote in traditional party strongholds.

Speaking in London on Friday, Farage told his audience his party is ready for the offensive.

“I will say this to Boris Johnson: drop the deal, drop the deal because it is not Brexit, drop the deal because as weeks go by and people discover what it is you will have signed up, they will not like it,” Farage told reporters at the launch. “This is not Brexit.”


Nearing four years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, continuous Brexit deadlocks and Parliamentary inertia has rendered progress difficult to come by.

But Boris Johnson is hoping to change that by convincing voters in tight Remain/Leave constituencies. Especially those held by Labour.

The Conservative Party will more than likely direct their campaign efforts by drumming up support from the caricatured ‘Workington Man’ – a traditionally Labour-leaning, northern, working-class man – but with Brexit beliefs. That is, according to research by Onward, a Conservative Party think-tank.

Farage’s ‘non-aggression’ electoral pact has largely been viewed as an offering that is politically impossible for Johnson to accept. And now that the Conservative Party has rejected Farage’s pact, it’s likely that, for Farage, the path is now clear to claim his party is the only choice for a clean Brexit.