Facebook will refuse to take down content that ‘goes against our standards,’ Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday.

In a speech held at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg supported and defended the social media giant’s refusal to remove newsworthy content ‘even if it goes against our standards’.

The creator of the platform, well-versed in espousing data privacy laws and freedom of expression online, refused to take questions from journalists and blocked filming inside the venue.

Sally Hubbard, former state prosecutor and director of enforcement at the Open Markets Institute, said:

“The key to free expression is to not have one company control the flow of speech to more than 2 billion people, using algorithms that amplify disinformation in order to maximize profits.”

Associated Press (AP)

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire from critics over his private, off-the-record dinners with a number of conservative commentators.

Zuckerberg’s informal meetings behind closed doors are seen as part of a wider strategy to dispell what many claim on the right – including the US President himself – to be an alleged ‘bias’ against conservatives.