Netflix has announced it is seeking to limit password sharing.

The topic of password sharing was discussed in the streaming platform’s Q3 2019 earnings interview earlier this week.

When users share passwords, they are essentially sharing a single Netflix account, which naturally circumvents Netflix’s business model, according to which each household needs to have its own account.

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Is Netflix about to crack down on users who share logins?

Netflix has revealed it is ‘monitoring’ people who hand out their passwords to their family and friends.

The company’s chief product officer, Greg Peters, said on a vlog last week he would try to find ‘consumer-friendly’ ways to stop groups of people sharing one subscription.

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Netflix to crack down on users who share passwords with friends and family.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, you may be tempted to ask to borrow a friend or family member’s password.

But this could soon land you in some serious trouble, as Netflix has revealed plans to crack down on users who password-share.

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Netflix vows crackdown on users who share logins with pals or family.

NETFLIX has promised to crack down on users who share their passwords with friends or family members.

It means that if you borrow someone’s login, you may have to start paying for your own account in full instead.

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